For your man cave, a sliding barn door console would be a nice complement. Even when there is no man cave in your house, it would be ideal for the room dedicated to watching TV. You can use it to hold almost everything!

You can place all your TV components, games, or game systems as well as other stuff related to these appliances in the sliding barn door console. Plus, your man cave will surely get a facelift thanks to the slide bar door consoles.

A rustic distressed barn door sliding console is stunning enough to complete any room. If you need additional storage in other rooms outside your man cave, it would be a perfect match as well. Then, how should you get started?

How to Build a Stunning DIY Sliding Barn Door Console

Get ready by preparing the supplies needed. To create one console, you will need some sheets of plywood for doors and sides. Moreover, get hardware for sliding doors too. Get the budget-friendly ones if you want to save some money in this project.

Then, you will need some screws, finish nails, wood filler, wood glue, and stain or paint. Once all the supplies are prepared, build the frame. You can create the frame based on your preference or follow a diagram of a finished item on the internet.

After that, add the sides and attach the frame on the wall. Before adding the face frame, get the cleats and shelves installed first. Opt for installing groove and tongue car-siding for a texture that boasts through the open backside.

Another clever idea is to paint a contrasting paint floor or use fancy wallpaper on the wall behind the console. Finally, you can add the top boards and make doors. It is quite easy, isn’t it? Now, make your own and good luck!

image source : pinterest.com

Erin Hope

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