69+ Simple and Cheap Fire Pit and Backyard Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to backyard design ideas, it is common to come across with an outdoor fire pit. This element is often recommended, especially for those who love to spend the night outside the house. Simply take some chairs out and you can enjoy it right in the backyard.

Also, a fire pit offers both functional and decorative piece to your outdoor landscaping. Not only providing extra warmth when you are outside, but an outdoor fire pit also presents additional light during the night. Interestingly, this kind of comfort doesn’t call for a high cost.

To save some money, opt for DIY fire pit projects. Square or round, concrete or stone blocks, there are always some good ideas to love. You can even consider repurposing old objects to create a functional fire pit in the backyard.

Best Fireplace Pit Ideas for Your Backyard Landscaping

Outdoor fireplace pits come in a selection of types. But, the major options are wood and gasoline fireplace pits. Both have different characteristics, boasting their distinct pros and cons. When choosing one that uses wood, you can get an extra feel of a campfire.

Meanwhile, gasoline pits will allow you to have the stunning look needed for landscaping. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to shut the unit off with a simple method. To select between these two options, consider how you will use it for roasting or baking too.

In terms of materials, a stone fire pit is quite popular. It typically looks very neat and goes well with almost any type of landscaping design. You just need stone bricks and cement or heavy-duty glue to create this fire pit.

For a repurposing idea, use an old washing machine drum to create a fire pit. You will need several tweaks only to make it. Finally, aside from fireplace pits, you can also add other elements to complete your backyard landscaping ideas.

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Erin Hope