50+ Exciting Apartment Decorating Master Bedrooms

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So you are planning to decorate your apartment master bedroom soon or later. It’s no secret that most bedrooms in an apartment will look just the same. They have the typical beige wall-to-wall carpet and alike off-white paint on the walls.

That is why decorating the room would be key to make it more exciting and inviting. Well, there is nothing wrong about using a palette of neutrals in decorating your master bedroom. It is safe and able to match any furnishings you have.

However, if you find it a little boring, there are some ways to jazz up your bedroom. For instance, you can start with the ceiling. This is indeed an extraordinary move since most people don’t think to look up when decorating their room.

Exciting Ideas to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

Installing a ceiling medallion decal is a nice choice to refresh your apartment bedroom. Simply peel and press into place, then you will have your bedroom look more exciting than ever. Having no ceiling light fixture won’t be a problem with medallion decals too.

Replacing the doorknob with something more eye-catching is worth to try too. This is an easy project that can instantly change the look of your bedroom. Just keep in mind to save the original knob so you can put it back when moving.

Using removable wallpaper is another fun and easy way to freshen up your bedroom. While regular wallpaper is kind of a full commitment, a temporary one makes it easy to apply and remove. Opt for creating an accent wall with bright or large pattern wallpaper.

Your apartment bedroom may already have carpet installed on the floor. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t layer it with a more beautiful area rug. It would be a good way to infuse pattern, color, contrast, and texture in your apartment bedroom design ideas.

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