44+ Unique and Elegant French County Kitchen Decor Ideas

French county kitchen seems both homey and fashionable at the same time. Its decoration typically looks fantastic with unique blends of elegance and farmhouse feel. This is a perfect style if you are looking to an inviting kitchen that showcases a country charm.

In this kitchen style, think of cabinetry that resembles traditional furniture and charming rustic accents with more Parisian shabby chic feeling than rural. Also, think of fancy oven hoods that come with scalloped or crown molding edges.

When it comes to design, this kitchen should ensconce in history as well as reminiscent of the past. This idea shouldn’t sacrifice the purpose of modern amenities. Mild, pale colors are often employed in this kitchen style, mostly because these colors are obtained from a provincial landscape.

Unique and Elegant French-Country Kitchen Design Ideas

The color palette of this kitchen is typically soft and subdued. The main reason is that cabinetry often takes up the most visual space in French country design. Consider utilizing warm surfaces and muted tones on your kitchen cabinets to maximize the authentic feel of a French country.

Furthermore, crown molding framing tends to be added to the top of the kitchen’s cabinetry. This component is very common in French country design. It is considered adding a charming traditional element in the style. Then, skirted cabinetry is a frequent decoration too.

Skirted cabinetry, especially under the sink is often found in a farmhouse and traditional country-style decor. But, it makes a beautiful complement for French country design too. Incorporating natural materials is another ideal approach to maximize the feel of French country design.

In this case, you can combine some natural materials into the design, such as wood, brick, and stone. A large kitchen island is another usual component of this kitchen style. It hints space for bringing many people together. Now, you can try these county kitchen ideas.

Erin Hope