33+ Incredible Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

The laundry room room likely is not a location that you like to enter. Nonetheless, you can help it become even more user friendly. In that way, you can keep it organized, helpful, and perhaps a part of the home which you actually look forward to entering.

If you ask many folks what they do not enjoy about their laundry room, they’ll say it is overly cramped, cluttered or does not have sufficient space. However, the fact of the issue is, that many laundry rooms have a whole lot of space and it is very seldom used. Recognizing the prospect of useable space in the laundry room can provide you more storage than you believed you had earlier.

The wall supporting the washer and dryer generally has approximately sixty four square feet of accessible storage space. However, with only a shelf above the washer and drier, we’re usually only using approximately eight feet of the space. No wonder most of us feel like we do not possess room to place anything!

Utilize that space to its fullest capacity. Pull down the shelf and begin from scratch. You may opt to construct a stage using a rubber coat to go beneath your washer and dryer) This significantly cuts down on washer and drier sound and also provides you a usable space beneath for storing linens, from season clothes, whatever will match. Additionally, in case you’ve got a front-loader washer and drier, lifting them up sets them in a more ergonomic elevation, saving you straight back strain and pain.

Erin Hope